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DJ's Approach


Our Philosophy 

DJ’s operates on a very simple philosophy…take care of the employees, take care of the customers, and the rest follows.  This approach has proven to be a successful model that we strive to carry forward. 

Our Experience

DJ’s is a regional electrical line construction leader recognized for providing clients with the means and methods to plan all types of powerline work, strategies to achieve best value, innovations to accelerate schedule, and experience to deliver safe execution of work in the field.


We have an exceptional team of veteran line crews, managers, and innovators – all focused on supporting your project.


Our Background   

DJ’s was founded in 1994 in Battle Ground, Wa as a small business operation comprised of just a few individuals with a passion for the line industry.  As we developed our reputation and acquired many clients over the years, DJ’s Electrical has grown to the company you see today while retaining a small company feel.

Our Emphasis on Safety

Our employees and customers recognize and appreciate our emphasis on safety in our work.  Safety is incorporated into all our construction planning.

Some highlights of our safety program:

  •  Daily Tailboard Meetings

  • Weekly and Monthly Safety Meetings

  • Annual Company Wide Safety Training

  •  Subcontractor Participation in Safety

  •  Incident Review

  • Zero Tolerance Drug & Alcohol Program

  • Site Inspections

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