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About Us

Our Background
Located in Battle Ground, Washington, DJ’s Electrical, Inc.’s story begins several decades ago in 1990 as a small business operation comprised of just a few individuals with a passion for doing business with integrity and professionalism. As we built our reputation and acquired more clients over the years, we eventually became the large corporation that you see today.

From our inception to the present, we have seen new technology and new approaches to electrical contractor work come and go. In addition, we have also seen plenty of other electrical contractors set up shop and eventually fade away while DJ’s Electrical, Inc. has remained strong.

We believe that our longevity is the result of our decision to focus on customer satisfaction from the beginning.

Our Philosophy
We believe that what has helped make DJ’s Electrical, Inc. so successful are the underlying ideas that have influenced our approach to doing business and interacting with our customers.

Taking Our Experience and Wrapping it in a Forward-Thinking Package
We have been in this business for over 20 years but we still make a point of staying up to date on all the newest developments and technological innovations in our field. From the beginning, we’ve emphasized the importance of progress as new discoveries are made. As such, we always have and always will continue to adapt to changes in our industry while using the benefit of our experience to achieve superior results.

An Emphasis on Producing Quality Work
Our clients recognize and appreciate our emphasis on the quality of our work. We pay attention to all of the details needed to complete our work to the highest level and as such, nothing gets overlooked when we take on a project. We always deliver on time and on budget as specified by our clients.

A Focus on Our Small Business Roots
When we first went into business, we made a point of earning the trust of our clients. Naturally, for us this meant being attentive to customer service and ensuring that clients received professionalism, solutions, and real conversation from our knowledgeable staff members. We have always stood by our original philosophy of putting the customer first at all stages of the project. That commitment to gaining the trust of our customers has been an integral part of our business philosophy over the years.

Here at DJ’s Electrical Inc., our work is primarily for public utility districts. From the beginning, we’ve been an active part of our industry and our unique combination of dependability, reliability, and precision has served us well over the years. Whether you need underground or overhead electrical services, we can help you.